4-Months to Competitive Dominance

opis_mastermind_module_CMarketing is your organization’s fundamental activity to develop COMPETITIVE DOMINANCE.  Your investment (time/money) in marketing is the same whether those efforts produce failing results or 100x.

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In an era of Social Media, businesses around the world are using some of the most popular sites and networks on the web, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to make their business more accessible, personable and develop long term connections. Marketing is no longer a sprint sell – it’s a marathon that engages and builds those connections into individualized relationships.

“Competitive Dominance” teaches the fundamentals of marketing and provides guidance on how businesses of all sizes can leverage Social Media to build their online reputation, increase trust and generate new business. It can help your brand to establish its online presence and reach out to your target markets, manage your reputation and build a richer connections with your customers through a systematic approach that both time and money saving.

Eventbrite - Competitive Dominance - Offline, Online & Social Media Marketing

Marketing Strategies Covered

Social Media for Small Businesses

There are plenty of skeptical business owners out there that don’t truly understand the benefits of Social Media and yet feel left out of this growing marketing phenomenon. While its being used by big brands, it is especially more beneficial for almost every type of smaller businesses.  Whether you have a restaurant, retail outlet or provide professional services, social media enables you to build a bigger audience, increase trust and generate more business.Social Media has been known to spark the transformation of brilliant ideas into global companies.

Driving Traffic & Imroving Google Rankings

The need for an online presence has never been stronger, while the competitive landscape continues to surge in population. The traditional approaches to Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, haven’t  realized impressive ROI’s. The need to use SEO/SEM and its impact on your company’s bottom-line is greater than ever.  SEO practitioners to step up and outside the “default” practices of the past – they don’t work. Content Strategies, Organic Search and Social Media can also play a key role in driving traffic to your website and improving your ranking by becoming the Internet’s COMPETITIVE AUTHORITY.

Keeping Up with Mobile Customers

In 2014, there will be more mobile devices on the planet than people. So, if you haven’t developed a mobile marketing strategy for your business or have the tools to use, it’s time you do! Mobile access to the internet use will take over desktop internet use this year. Customers are already viewing your website and searching for your business on their mobile devices. Mobile users are always online, which multiplies opportunities for mobile-ready companies over competitors who aren’t there yet.

Reversing the Detestable Approach in Email Marketing

Like Telemarketing, most people detest unsolicited emails that occupy their inbox with an array of unsavory ads and irrelevant messages. However, when done right, it is a very powerful strategy and  a very inexpensive tool to use. Email marketing takes advantage of a customer’s most frequent connection with the Internet – their inbox. Many of the principles covered in this module can be applied to any type of permission marketing – especially SMS communication via mobile phones. Email marketing is a tool for building relationships with both existing and potential customers. It can maximize the retention and value of these customers, which ultimately lead to greater profitability.

Building Your "Profit Faucet"

Attracting and capturing information about prospects can only happen when you offer something of great value in exchange for their vital information. Understanding the path and decisions made by a prospect in reaching you is very essential for an inbound campaign. How much of those leads turn into buyers are dependent upon how well you systematically track, organize and engage with your contacts. While a CRM is an excellent tool, you will need to perform other activities that are naturally social, more human. By integrating social media with your CRM software you’ll be able to develop long-lasting, profitable relationships so existing customers keep coming back and new customer referrals keep coming in.

Why Marketing ROI Calculation Leads to Failure

Applying old rules of measurement to the new online world of spreading ideas is an epic fail. No longer can you rely on those ROI calculators or sales projections. The truth is, they were never accurate. Today in a socially connected world, the best way to determine the likelihood of someone buying from you is to listen to their conversations, track who’s their trusted influences and why. As you address their hot buttons, you can begin to gauge tendencies by observing their interactions with your brand. This type of decision-making matrix will help you develop influential marketing messages to trigger more sales across social channels and marketing medium. After all, the best way to measure “Marketing ROI” is how much you have sold.







CEO Mastermind Groups


Overview of Mastermind Group: Module C – Competitive Dominance

Identify Goals, Capabilities & Resources

No two businesses are alike. Our goal is is to separate you from the competition in the minds-eye of the consumer. We begin by Identifying goals, expectations of where you are and where you want to go. We will assist you in designing a marketing strategies based on your current resources and most valuable prospects.

Generate & Manage Customers

More quality prospects visiting your website, the higher the conversion rate into sales. With are over two billion internet users, you will learn how to successfully use Facebook & LinkedIn to generate hyper-targeted customers.

Develop Your Dominance

It’s important to understand your customer needs, industry trends, and your ultimate vision before you create a brand strategy. Social Media can provide insights to help identify qualities that are useful in developing the competitive position of your brand.

Create Tools & Processes

Marketing is an investment that generates revenue, profit and opportunity for growth. Employing the right tools and processes can amplify your message above the competition’s. Learn how to select and implement these tools.  We will outfit your toolbox during the 4 month program.

What to Expect

  • Networking & Referrals
  • Guest Speakers
  • Activity & Progress Reports
  • Guided Instruction & Mentoring
  • Peer Q&A + Discussions
  • Next Step Assignments
  • Accountability

If you have any doubts TEST DRIVE before you join!

Attend the next Mastermind Group’s Workshop No.1 and decide if it’s a worthy investment.

Eventbrite - Competitive Dominance - Offline, Online & Social Media Marketing

What’s Included

  1. Power Breakfast

  2. Digital Marketing Tools

  3. Virtual Mentor

  4. 100-MD Online Access

  5. Expert Guidance

  6. Social Media Integration Plan

  7. Peer Business Evaluation

  8. Activity Guide

  9. Implementation Checklist

  10. Roll-out Plan

  11. Workbooks

We strive to make the content and focus of every Mastermind Group up to date and relevant. Therefore, content and strategies may vary depending on shifts in the market and fulfilling the immediate needs of the participants.

Choose your plan

  • Food & BeverageContinental breakfast (by 24 Carrots Catering) served with coffee, tea and seasonal fruits.
  • Mobile MarketingMobile marketing tools integrated with Facebook & Twitter. QR Codes, Video Postcards, SMS 2-Way Texting, etc.
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 100-MD OnlineVirtual Mentor
  • Monthly Mastermind Group
  • Monthly Conference Call
  • Virtual Mentor
  • Monthly Peer Work-group
  • Monthly 1-to-1 Advisory

MC Silver

$450/ month
$450/ month
  • Level 1Lorem ipsum dolor si amet, at ferri regione quo, quis lucilius elei vim te. Et eum omitt an menandri, hastoi mucius graeco liortis cu, inani et vis.
  • Level 1
  • Level 1
  • Level 1
  • Level 1

MC Gold

$700/ month
$700/ month
  • Level 2Lorem ipsum dolor si amet, at ferri regione quo, quis lucilius elei vim te. Et eum omitt an menandri, hastoi mucius graeco liortis cu, inani et vis.
  • Level 2
  • Level 2
  • Level 2
  • Level 2

MC Platinum

$950/ month
$950/ month
  • Level 3Lorem ipsum dolor si amet, at ferri regione quo, quis lucilius elei vim te. Et eum omitt an menandri, hastoi mucius graeco liortis cu, inani et vis.
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3
  • Level 3

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